About Stir Fry Central

Hi, my name is Andrew Clifford. I want to tell you a little about Stir Fry Central (SFC).

SFC is a hobby. In my day job, I work with the web a lot, and I miss the freedom of being an amateur. So SFC is where I present what I am interested in, rather than what I think makes sense for business.

But there is a (slightly) serious side to this too. The web has been hijacked. A small number of large companies have an unhealthily large share of the web (BBC, Google, Wikipedia), and control what people think the web is. Much of the web is far too self-aware, spending too much time on branding, style and search engine optimisation, and too little on original content. The rise of rich and social media are wonderful, but increasingly the web is turning into a replacement to the television and the telephone.

Given this, I think there's value in independent websites published by individuals "just for fun". We need to keep the web open, interesting, meaningful. We need to value amateurism and enthusiasm and diversity, and not succumb totally to the slick and polish of controlled professionalism. The best way I can think of contributing to that is to publish on the web some of the things that I find interesting.

But it isn't meant to be serious, just a few things that have interested me over the years.



p.s. this site isn't about stir fry at all. It just seemed like a good name.